Business relationships mapped out.

Identify decision makers, discover lines of influence and navigate political barriers.

Who influences your tomorrow?


Assimilate lets you map out your business relationships from contact data linked to your device. It helps you make sense of the relationships and personalities within a decision making process. Assimilate is the essential tool for the strategic business professional.


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"Assimlate has a major part to play in any situation where multi-level negotiation exists."


B2B Sales


Tick2  Relationship maps for account plans

Tick2  Org charts for CRM opportunities

Tick2  Speed up customer buying cycle


Project Management


   Tick2  Map out stakeholder relationships

   Tick2  Client and stakeholder updates

   Tick2  Speed up the flow of information




  Tick2  Map out key accounts and targets

  Tick2  Understand customer hierarchies 

  Tick2  Speed up customer hiring cycles


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"The overall concept is quite frankly extremely exciting and is something that I have never personally come across in electronic format."

- Sales and Marketing Director